Stop the Nonsense

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Les Miserables and The Phantom Of The Opera"

"I Could Have Danced All Night"

"The Sound of Music and The Prayer"

"Wing Sings The Beatles"

"Wing Sings ACDC"

"Dancing Queen"

"Beat It"



Wing's EP "Stop the Nonsense"

Stop the Nonsense

1.Stop the Nonsense
2. A Message of Love

3. Southbound i-5
4. Stop the Nonsense (instrumental)

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International singing sensation, WING, is here to STOP THE NONSENSE.

The majestic voice of WING has melted the hearts of millions. She has been featured on the finest radio and television stations, and the Emmy award winning television program, South Park. With her new EP "Stop the Nonsense" she hopes to heal this world of its troubles.

The EP features the smash hit single "Stop the nonsense (Stop smoking crack) ". A powerful song to help people with their debilitating addictions. Wing hopes the single will make an impact and encourage people to live happy and healthy lifestyles. The single also features guest vocals from Hip Hop bad boy, Rappy McRapperson, who, 30 days ago, decided to clean up his act.

"I hope you enjoy my latest EP, I hope you will be brave, and stop the all the nonsense. But If your heart is at peace, that is good too. All will receive benefit and pleasure."

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