Wing 's Beat it released 15 May 2009

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Les Miserables and The Phantom Of The Opera"

"I Could Have Danced All Night"

The following were re-issued as CDs in October 2010 and are now available once again:

"The Sound of Music and The Prayer"

"Wing Sings The Beatles"

"Wing Sings ACDC"

"Dancing Queen"

"Beat It"



CD Listings

CD 15: Too Much Heaven
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Too Much Heaven


1  Words (2.55)
2  First May (2.45)
3  How can you mend this broken heart (3.40)
4  If I can't have you (2.16)
5  Fanny be tender with my love (2.52)
6  Too much heaven (4.22)
7  How deep is your love (3.17)
8  Tragedy (3.00)
9  Heartbreaker (4.43)
10 Immortality (4.13)
Bonus track
Words -by Wing (tenor) (2.42) 

Tracks 01-10 have words and music written by Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb

Samples available here

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